Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

Pike Fishing Tips and Lodges

Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Pike Fishing Tips!
The majority of northern pike are caught by trolling or casting, and they attack with ferocity. You can tell when a northern smacks your lure. It’s not the type of fish where you can say, “I think I felt a bite kind of fish.

Cold Water Pike
Esox luscious. The Northern pike. The water wolf. Whatever the name, the attitude is the same; MEAN!

Dead-Bait Tactics for Hardwater Pike
Snow-covered landscapes and frozen bodies of water have a deliberate way of changing a pike anglers’ methods and routines.

Go on the Deadbait Diet for Trophy Pike!
Most people’s New Year’s Resolution is losing twenty pounds.

Hair Jigs And Spring Pike
In cold water early in the season, jigs are a top-choice for all species of fish. When pike are the primary target, the characteristics of baits dressed with natural hair, in particular, deer hair, make them a deadly choice.

How to Fillet a Pike
1. Make vertical cut behind head, down to, but NOT through the backbone.

Jigging Early Summer Pike
Yes, my pike box is full of the same large jerkbaits, big thumper spoons and wild looking spinnerbaits as yours probably is.

Ontario Northern Pike Biology
Habitat: Observations on the preferred habitat of the pike generally agree that in lake environments they prefer the weedy bays, estuaries and shoals as a spring and summer habitat.

Ontario Northern Pike Fishing Throughout the Seasons
Spring (Start of Season) – Spring pike fishing is an exciting way to open up the fishing season.

Pike & Muskie: Try Open Water
Seasonal changes to lakes and rivers aren’t normally consistent from one year to the next.

Slip One By Those Early-Season Walleyes And Pike
If you own a medium-action spinning rod, a selection of sliding floats and have access to a good supply of natural bait, there’s a presentation you’ll want to spend some time with this spring: float fishing.

Spoon Fed Pike
It seems that more and more emphasis is being put on the use of body baits.

Spring Pike Fishing
Some of the best pike fishin’ is early, just as the pike season opens.

Top Lure Picks for Early Season Pike
With spring finally upon us, thoughts of hefty pike in shallow water dance through anglers heads.

Ways to Catch Pike!
Pike are a very aggressive species of fish.

When the Predators Return
Boats crisscrossed it all summer long; personal watercraft here, tuber there.